Frozen Mango Chunks 1KGx10


($6.50 / kg)

Taste the Tropics

Item Code: 1600
Item Size: 1KGx10 bags (10 Kg carton)
Varieties: Kensington Pride, R2E2, Cat Chu, Calypso, Honey Gold, Kaew, Kent (Mangifera indica)
Ingredient Size: 19-25mm Chunks
Origins: Australia, Vietnam, Peru
Formats: Chunks, Dices, Cheeks, Pieces, Puree, Pulp, Slices
Supplier: Superkick
Storage: Keep frozen
Allergens: Nil

Straight from the tray to the table, these frozen mango chunks are ready for your favourite smoothie or mango recipe. Deliciously sweet and juicy, these mangoes are picked fresh from the farm at peak ripeness and then cleaned, peeled, diced and frozen in the factory. Purchase in bulk wholesale quantities to save. 

Recipe Ideas: Mango smoothies and tropical smoothie bowls, mango daiquiri/margarita, mango desserts/sorbet, mango salsa/guacamole, mango curry or chutney, mango salad, mango beer brewing. 

Health Benefits: High in vitamins and minerals (Vitamins C & A, B6, Potassium, Folate, Magnesium), mangiferin and fibre. 

Technical: Frozen fresh after washing, peeling, de-stoning, inspecting and slicing the mango into chunks. These IQF mango dices are free flowing with minimal clumps or blemishes. The appearance is good and they are free from defects and have a clean light yellow/orange complexion. The mango chunks are uniformly tender with minimal fraying or splitting. The dices have a sweet mango flavour, juicy flesh and have high BRIX (12 +/-3).