Food supplier to the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry

Smoothie packs have been used in the quick service and fast casual industry for some time now, as operators have seen the benefits in being able to provide a quick and healthy grab-and-go menu item for their customers. Quick service restaurants are all about service speed and consistency - food and beverage outlets are continually looking for ways to delight their customers without compromising on quality. 

Consumers in Australia have made health and fitness a priority and there has been a growing trend in consumers moving away from ‘fast food’ options, toward healthier and low and no-sugar options. This has also extended to products that are vegan, dairy-free and plant-based. There has been a lot of innovation in this space from larger companies such as Grill’d who have introduced plant-based burgers and Subway Australia who have introduced ready-to-blend smoothies into their core offering. 

Superkick Smoothies has been a food supplier to the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry for a number of years, supplying both to state and national chains and also to store-owned and franchise-based businesses.

Our brand has always focused on supplying healthy and nutritious smoothie packs, without having to compromise on taste. Our smoothie packs are made from a mix of wholesome, natural and organic ingredients - we don’t use any fruit syrups or powders, only whole fruit and vegetables. 

Where space is often limited in small format retail stores, all retailers need to introduce smoothies to their menu is a blender, freezer space and liquid. Each smoothie pack makes a 500mL (16oz) smoothie and can be blended and served in under a minute. 

Top 8 Reasons QSR companies are using smoothie packs:

1. High gross margins

As consumers place a high value on healthy products, QSR chains have been able to see gross margins of up to 75% when introducing smoothies on to their menus. 

2. Fixes ingredient costs

Smoothie packs offer cost certainty and a fixed margin, so operators know exactly how much margin they will make from each sale.

3. Simplifies staff training

If staff are inexperienced, smoothie packs offer a simple way to teach staff as it removes the tasks of weighing individual ingredients and reduces the number of processes involved. 

4. Improves inventory management

Smoothie packs have a long shelf life and can be stored long-term in the freezer, which makes it one less item to worry about for sites with a large inventory list. 

5. Healthy and nutritious menu item

Customers are seeking out healthier options and smoothie packs offer a way to cater to this customer base. 

6. Convenience

Nutritious smoothies can be blended and served in under a minute, offering a quick service takeaway option.

7. New product category

Smoothies have often been too difficult to add to menus, because of the multiple fruits and vegetables required to be available - smoothie packs offer an easy way for QSR customers to add smoothies on to their menus. 

8. Consistency

When a QSR chain has a number of sites and needs consistency, smoothie packs offer a way to provide the same quality product each and every time. 

Case Study

Please get in touch with us if you would like to receive a case study on how we’ve been able to introduce ready-to-blend smoothies into a national quick service restaurant chain.