Frozen Avocado Dices 1KGx10


(approx. $1.82 / avocado)

Avocado Dices

These avocado cubes have been prepared from whole and fresh hand-picked Hass avocados. 

Smash your avocado cost in half with these avocado dices. There is no peeling or pitting required, simply use frozen or thaw for 90 minutes then use immediately. 

Smash, toss, blend or spread the avocado dices - which can be used in smashed avocado, avocado on toast, in smoothies, for burgers or to make guacamole. 

Item Code: 1100
Item Size: 10x1kg bags (10kg carton)
Ingredients: Avocado (Persea Americana)
salt, citric and ascorbic acid.
Ingredient Size: 15mm cubes
Origin: Peru
Storage: Keep frozen
Allergens: Nil