Frozen Banana Slices 1KGx10


($4.50 / kg)

Frozen Banana Slices

Banana slices produced from fresh bananas which are ripened to full flavour, peeled, cut and individually quick frozen.

The banana has a natural white/light yellow hue with little to no browning and has a creamy taste and texture. These bananas have high BRIX (19-21), a thickness of 9-11mm and a diameter of 20-30mm.

These banana slices are perfect in banana bread, ice-cream, desserts and smoothies.

Item Code: 1700
Item Size:  1KGx10 bags (10kg carton)
Ingredients: Cavendish Banana
(Musa acuminata)
Ingredient Size: 20-30mm
Origin: Vietnam
Storage: Keep frozen
Allergens: Nil