"To make health food more accessible by using only the highest quality natural ingredients"


Dragon Fruit Bowl

The business started back in early 2016, when school friends Michael (left) and Alex (right) were sitting at a Melbourne cafe and were dissatisfied with the smoothies that were served to them - containing just milk, yoghurt and only a small amount of real fruit. They thought to themselves that they could make a better tasting smoothie and one that was more nutritious, and that was when the the idea of Sidekick Smoothies was born - created with the mission to make smoothies more healthy and accessible to everyone.

Dragon Fruit Bowl

Sidekick then created a new superfood smoothie range, consisting of only raw and natural ingredients to create a new smoothie standard for Melbourne cafes. This range which contained no added sugars, preservatives or artificials was served in ready-to-blend packages which offered cafes a more convenient and consistent way of making smoothies. 

Since then, Michael Bergin has operated and expanded the business to supply a number of cafes and food service operators throughout Melbourne and Australia.